The basics about Compressed Air Blowguns and how to select the right one

PCL’s latest range of blowguns, ERGO and ERGO EXTREME, are manufactured from Zytel nylon, which is highly durable offering heat and chemical resistance but lighter in weight than metal products and feels warmer in the hand. Nozzles are usually metal, with the internal components made from brass and stainless steel adding to the increased durability and longevity. PCL’s entry level range of blowguns are also manufactured from plastic, represent excellent value for money but do not have the same high levels of durability as the ERGO and ERGO EXTREME Metal blowguns are more likely to be chosen when longer life is a higher priority than increased comfort, in which case PCL has versions manufactured from die-cast alloy in two styles – pistol or palm – both of which are compact and robust.